Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gangrene to the Soul

2012 has begun and already it's so full of promise. It's not that much has changed in our outward lives but rather that we have changed our perspective in a seemingly small but significant way. It is my believe that we underestimate the power of perception and thought far more than we should.

The dawn of 2012 didn't bring an end to the issues in the Middle East and Afghanistan. In fact, although we closed with the withdrawal of our troops from Iraq- North Korea, Iran and an ever simmering "Arab Spring" are now vying with "natural" disasters and man-made atrocities like world hunger and human trafficking, for the world's media attention. In "developed" and "civilized" regions of the world, economic "crisis" is ongoing yet there is ever more greed, excess and waste.

And at home? Politicians are so busy mudslinging and pandering that they've forgotten their very purpose while Congress is full of ideas to fix all sorts of issues but can no better negotiate and come to a compromise than it could when it entered the "Season of Giving." Let's not ignore also that progeny from successive generations of "booming economies" have forgotten that in order to LIVE the American Dream, one must WORK for it...

No, not much, in reality, has changed.

And it's quite easy to get depressed when you watch the evening news. What is the world coming to?... But I digress.

2012. What's different?

Just as each new day brings with it a promise of the sun, a new year brings an end of a chapter for humankind. We all feel one of the most powerful change agents known to man... together, for a moment. I believe that this is "hope." All too soon, we'll be back in the thick of the turmoil and so many of us will lose this feeling but for just a couple of days every year, everyone is hopeful that things will be better than they were "last year."

My resolution this year? To hold on to this flame of hope for as long as possible and to shield it, protect it, share it, fight for it... to carry it with me, always. Losing hope is what kills us. For some it takes our lives but for all who lose it, it takes our spirit. Losing hope is like gangrene to the soul.

I've been looking for further guidance on where to go from this place and considered many variables. The resolution I've found has shown me that regardless of what may come, hope is something no one can ever take away from me.

Happy New Year, world. : )

Your Ever Optimist,

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